Edelweiss is a self described Wunder rock band out of Stroudsburg, PA. They are made up of Niko Porlier (20) on vocals/guitar, Tony Young (18) on guitar, Shane Cashman (18) on the drums and Thomas Vitale (19) on bass/vocals. They have released two EP’s to date, Pre-Columbians which was self-released in 2011 and their sophmore self-release, Honduras in August of 2013.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve This

-Captivating and up-beat songwriting

-Ideal balance between spacy and mathy

-Precise and calculated instrumentals that lock together very well

The Honduras EP is a collection of very intricately laid out and progressive songs that really show you what this young group of musicians are made of. The opening track Grand gripped me from the first listen. The sophisticated layering of tapping guitar accompanied by synth, bass and drums are thrown at you in the first quick 2 minutes and 52 seconds of the first track. Grand is a strong indication of the talent of each member and their songwriting ability that is to come throughout the rest of the EP. Their use of auto-tuning as well as reverb and delay on the minimal vocals gives the album a spacy vibe that compliments the tight and intricate instrumentals. Their use of heavily distorted guitars/drums/bass and synth in certain parts make their use of the higher-pitched xylophones and lead guitar cut through to give the whole EP even more depth.

Although it was a hard choice, I’ve decided that my favorite song on the Honduras EP is Withering Heights. The song starts off right away with a very wide open progression. The the drums and bass keep the part pushing along as the delayed guitars play spacy and delayed tapping parts over the underlying rhythm guitar lead. There is also a fairly quiet organ/synth part underneath the second time through the intro that really makes the intro seem like its floating. The song then cuts to an intense bridge with the guitars, bass and drums leading the way into the first verse and pre-chorus. Everything then cuts out to introduce the vocals and pretty tapping parts of the pre-chrous. The high-hat opens up as the guitars play riffs that are jumpy and almost robotic. It works so well with the rest of the instrumentals to create a really interesting chorus. The whole song then drops out again for a measure, that allows the lead guitar to show us another awesome riff over a similar drum and bass part to the first verse of the song. They then get into a break that has every instrument accent the same notes while the bassist gets a small solo in between. It then cuts right back into the intense bridge from the beginning into a build-up that brings you to the fast-paced, intricate instrumental and extended verse that leads you right back into the chorus. This then takes you seamlessly right back into the intro of the song.

Edelweiss has a way of throwing a ton of parts at you while still maintaining great song structure that you can really grasp. Their combination of complexity, clarity and thoughtful songwriting makes this band one that you can really latch on to. I can’t wait to hear what these young dudes are going to come out with next.

You can download all of Edelweiss’s music below and name your own price:


or check them out on facebook


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