Titanics – Deeper

Titanics is a tranquilpop/electronic/new wave band out of Albany, NY. They are a two piece made up of Mark Lombardo and Derek Rogers. The band currently has two full lengths out, Soft Treasure which came out in February of 2013 and Deeper, which was released in October of 2014.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve this:

-Able to combine tasteful pop with dream-like calmness

 -Perfect album for going to bed or waking up

 -Powerful, spot-on vocals with catchy, smooth instrumentals


This band finds a great way to blend dreamy, soft synth sounds and up-beat pop hooks to create something truly unique. After a few listens you realize how dynamic this album really is.

The first track on the album “Into” is a perfect first track to give you an idea of the different elements that make this band great. It starts off dreamy and quiet, then picks up slightly when the drum machine kicks in with layers of synth as well as guitars. This album has a good flow to it. While the tracks “Move Slow,” “Ellie Kemper” and “Drive In OOO’s” have the slower, sleepy feel to them, they aren’t without little hooks and subtle upbeat rhythms to maintain the album’s continuity. The tracks “Stepping Out”, “Terrain”, “So Sleep Hollow” and “2” are the more upbeat and catchy tracks on the record with their own tranquil components to them.

My favorite track on the album is the last song “2.” This song is one of the more catchy ones on the record and it is sure to be one that gets stuck in your head.

Click Here to listen to Titanics “2”

The song starts off with a wavy synth chord that quickly cuts into the main riff of the song with no lyrics. A synth-led, SUPER catchy riff that hooks you in immediately. Underneath the synth lead there is a subtle bass part, simple drums and that wavy synth from the intro.

The song then cuts to the first verse, which keeps the wavy synth chord, drums and bass guitar which is now slightly more pronounced and full of intricate fills. The vocals on this track were what really got me to pick this one as my favorite. The singer has some serious talent cutting in and out of falsetto seamlessly. This is also one of the more complex melody lines on the record. The song then opens into the chorus with the lyric, “I held a mirror to my double life.” A fun poppy riff comes in on the left side to compliment the dual vocals harmonies that are going on. The bass line from the intro, synth-lead part also comes in to complement the chorus of the song. After is a post-chorus with a soft minor progression and a brief break with subtle drum hits that bring you right back into the intro of the song. It then has the same verse as the intro with that intricate melody. Titanics then hit you with that pretty chorus again. This time, the post-chorus is extended and incorporates some other bits of melodies with high synth and lower sweeping synth. They also add some interesting noises as well as reverse sounds that are panned playfully between right and left. It cuts back to the chorus and back to the intro, this time, with a simple lead guitar riff that adds a deeper feel to the section. The song then cuts to nearly nothing with only the sweeping synth slowly fading out which makes way for the typewriter. Once the typewriter dings and is reset, the song picks back up with a heavier, bass-lead line with drums and backwards organs. This is then met with a beautiful lead guitar hook and some subtle organs to fade out into the end of the song.

One of the things that took a few listens for me to hear is the amazing bass guitar that is sprinkled thoughout this album. If your looking for an overall fun listening experience with very catchy hooks, fantasic vocals and impressive synth and guitar work, then Titanics-Deeper is a great album for you.


You can find all of their music on their bandcamp here!


Or check out their website here!


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