Mildura – If Not OK


Mildura is a band out of of Claremont, CA. They currently have two releases, At The Feet of Giants which is a 5 song release in February of 2013 and If Not OK which has 6 tracks, released in July of 2014.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve this:

-Fun, in your face riffs and rhythms

-If you love emo music(like I do), you will love this band

I knew I liked this band from the get-go after hearing the first track Bet It’s Great. They show their balance between upbeat fun riffs/drum parts and slower twinklie parts all in a 1:47 second song.

Although this record is short, it’s the kind of music you need to listen to a bunch times to get everything they’re throwing at you. I really like how this band incorporates builds up to great driving riffs in a few of their songs like “AAA” and “Bet It’s Great.”

My Favorite track on this record is New Sea.

Click here to listen to “New Sea”

The song starts off with a quick guitar riff which is promptly met by an awesome drum fill and a gentle accompanying guitar lead and bass guitar. The vocals come in shortly after with some lyrics in the chorus that I can really get behind. “Anywhere but here, I’ve got to get, there’s something wrong, when all I want, is to be everywhere I’m not.” The song cuts to somewhat of a break down in the middle of the chorus where everyone shares the same hits. They then hit you again with the intro riff and that cool drum fill and lead riff,  lead back to the chorus one more time.  Then everyone completely stops while the rhythm guitar keeps playing. The song kicks back in and goes through the entirety of the intro of song one more time with the lyrics “Oh my god you take so long,”  the song then ends with a major hit all at once.

These guys have some real talent in their songwriting as well as rocking their individual instruments. They have a great way of packing a lot into each song even though the longest track is only 2:25 seconds. If you like catchy, up-beat emo, Mildura – If Not OK is a great record for you.

Check out all of their records for pay your own price on their bandcamp here.


Check out their facebook, give ’em a like or somethin’ eh?



I just noticed they sent me an email with a free link to their new acoustic album for downloading their records, I’m listening to it while I write this and it’s excellent so far. So do it!



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