The Front Doors

The Front Doors – Open

The Front Doors-Music Your Ears Deserve

The Front Doors are a garage rock/fuzz-pop band out of Long Island/Queens made up of Steven Joyce on bass/guitar/vocals, William Hargrove on drums and Michael LoSchiavo on bass/guitar/vocals. To date they have one full length, Open released in January, 2016.

Reasons your ears deserve this:

-Fun, energetic, impressive and hilarious live show

-Keep getting better every time I see them

-Great harmonies and talented multi-instrumentalists

After seeing these guys a good few times, I knew they wrote solid songs and performed them very well. I was stoked to hear that their first release Open did such a great job capturing this bands sound and feel.

At a recent show, shortly after the release of Open, The Front Doors put on a kick-ass show at GUSSY’s bar in queens. The fun they were having on stage was contagious for the whole crowd that was watching. At one point(sorry Steve) the guitarist was ripping a solo and fell off stage but caught himself on the staircase below without missing a beat. It was hilarious and impressive at the same time! They also have some of the funniest banter of any band I’ve ever seen. So, combine three fun, funny, talented multi-instrumentalists who write great music and you have The Front Doors.

My favorite song on the record is Without Her.

Click here to listen!

Without Her is a catchy, combination of good lyrics, great vocal harmonies and a lively feel throughout the song. It’s one of the slower songs on the record which helps you focus on the vocal melody and how well it fits. The guitar, drums and bass stick together tightly in this song. While the guitar and drums keep rather similar throughout, the bass does a solid job to back that catchy guitar progression while throwing in some really cool fills, especially in the chorus.

The chorus of Without Her is one that is sure to get stuck in your head.

“I am lost without her, I am lost, I am lost without her, I am lost. But I’m(so much(fucking)) better off”

Overall, Open does a great job capturing this bands fun, fuzz-pop sound while giving the listener some great hooks, melodies and harmonies that will make them want to listen to this record over and over. Their writing style gives you short digestible bites with each song, with the longest song being only 2:46. I’m really excited to see what these guys will put out next and you should be to!


Check out their debut record Open for pay your own price here.


Check them out on Facebook here, they truly deserve a like.. eh?

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