Josh Alberg

Heavy Sigh

My Quiet EP

Music Your Ears Deserve

Heavy Sigh is a five piece blend of emo and dream-pop from Clifton, NJ. They are made up of Suzy Forman (vocals/guitar), Josh Alberg (drums), Nick Hernandez (guitar), Eric J Scholz (bass) and Gregory Maniago (synthesizer, trumpet, percussion.) My Quiet EP is the first release by Heavy Sigh.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve this:

-Pretty female vocals that really complement the instrumentals

-Great blend of dreamy, catchy and intricate

-Instrumentals that move together like a very cohesive movement

Each song on this record has its own unique pace and style that gives you a great indication of each members talent. The subtle use of trumpets in Chlorine and the heavy, hard-hitting accents in Tell Me What State You’re In give you a great look into the coposition of the band. They can go from pretty and light to massive and intense at the drop of a hat.

My favorite song on the album is Rains. It embodies all of the aspects that I like about the band into one. The song starts off with a simple drum beat that is quickly followed by the bass, guitars and synth. The simple hook on guitar caught my ear immediately. The whole band seems to move like a wave with the underlying synth part. Then the vocals come in, pretty and small with subtle harmonies behind them to take you into the verse. There is then a small break of just guitar and vocals followed by a big re-entry by the entire band with a slightly more strum-heavy and driving guitar, bass and drum part to bring you to the second verse. Once Suzy says “I told you I was embarassed,” the whole band throws on the distortion that adds a heavy element to the ending chorus and gives it more of a shoegazie feel. The lyric “Like I do” with the three part harmony gives me butterflies every time. The lovely vocals mixed with that heavy hitting distortion give the end of the song great balance. There is then a few guitar strums under the vocals and the song is over.

 Click Here to hear “Rains

Overall this band does an amazing job blending emo, dream-pop and shoegaze into something very original. Each members influence is evident in My Quiet EP and molded into a tight-nit, short album. The EP shows you the bands soft side while also hitting you with their more energetic and gnarly side.


Download their first 5 song EP My Quiet EP below and set your own price!