The Front Doors

The Front Doors – BIG TIME

Yes you are reading this correctly, they’ve come out with another record just 7 months after their last one!


For those who didn’t see the first review, The Front Doors are a fuzz-pop/rock & roll band out of Long Island/Queens made up of Steven Joyce on bass/guitar/vocals, William Hargrove on drums and Michael LoSchiavo on bass/guitar/vocals. To date they have two full lengths, Open which was released in January, 2016 and their newest record BIG TIME which was released in August of 2016.

Reasons your ears deserve this:

-Consistent writing, you always have something new to look forward to

-Fun, upbeat rock n’ roll with catchy hooks and tasteful instrumentals

My favorite track on the record is Up The Wall.

You can listen here.

Up The Wall is my favorite track on the record for a lot of reasons, and I’ll explain them! The song starts off with a simple drum beat and chord progression which is then accompanied by Mike’s vocals. They throw in a little spice with a drum fill and break that gives the verse some subtle depth. This song has the most catchy chorus of any The Front Doors song(in my opinion.) “I don’t really want to dance with you, but I really really don’t want you dancing with him.” The descending chords that sync perfectly with “dancing with him” make this hook that much catchier. Add in some well-placed vocal harmonies and you have a song that is sure to get stuck in your head.

The Front Doors have such a good formula for writing catchy, engaging and alluring songs that are short and sweet and leave you wanting more. Each track on BIG TIME has it’s own little flare of creativity and catchiness that makes the record so great.

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Mildura – If Not OK


Mildura is a band out of of Claremont, CA. They currently have two releases, At The Feet of Giants which is a 5 song release in February of 2013 and If Not OK which has 6 tracks, released in July of 2014.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve this:

-Fun, in your face riffs and rhythms

-If you love emo music(like I do), you will love this band

I knew I liked this band from the get-go after hearing the first track Bet It’s Great. They show their balance between upbeat fun riffs/drum parts and slower twinklie parts all in a 1:47 second song.

Although this record is short, it’s the kind of music you need to listen to a bunch times to get everything they’re throwing at you. I really like how this band incorporates builds up to great driving riffs in a few of their songs like “AAA” and “Bet It’s Great.”

My Favorite track on this record is New Sea.

Click here to listen to “New Sea”

The song starts off with a quick guitar riff which is promptly met by an awesome drum fill and a gentle accompanying guitar lead and bass guitar. The vocals come in shortly after with some lyrics in the chorus that I can really get behind. “Anywhere but here, I’ve got to get, there’s something wrong, when all I want, is to be everywhere I’m not.” The song cuts to somewhat of a break down in the middle of the chorus where everyone shares the same hits. They then hit you again with the intro riff and that cool drum fill and lead riff,  lead back to the chorus one more time.  Then everyone completely stops while the rhythm guitar keeps playing. The song kicks back in and goes through the entirety of the intro of song one more time with the lyrics “Oh my god you take so long,”  the song then ends with a major hit all at once.

These guys have some real talent in their songwriting as well as rocking their individual instruments. They have a great way of packing a lot into each song even though the longest track is only 2:25 seconds. If you like catchy, up-beat emo, Mildura – If Not OK is a great record for you.

Check out all of their records for pay your own price on their bandcamp here.


Check out their facebook, give ’em a like or somethin’ eh?



I just noticed they sent me an email with a free link to their new acoustic album for downloading their records, I’m listening to it while I write this and it’s excellent so far. So do it!




Titanics – Deeper

Titanics is a tranquilpop/electronic/new wave band out of Albany, NY. They are a two piece made up of Mark Lombardo and Derek Rogers. The band currently has two full lengths out, Soft Treasure which came out in February of 2013 and Deeper, which was released in October of 2014.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve this:

-Able to combine tasteful pop with dream-like calmness

 -Perfect album for going to bed or waking up

 -Powerful, spot-on vocals with catchy, smooth instrumentals


This band finds a great way to blend dreamy, soft synth sounds and up-beat pop hooks to create something truly unique. After a few listens you realize how dynamic this album really is.

The first track on the album “Into” is a perfect first track to give you an idea of the different elements that make this band great. It starts off dreamy and quiet, then picks up slightly when the drum machine kicks in with layers of synth as well as guitars. This album has a good flow to it. While the tracks “Move Slow,” “Ellie Kemper” and “Drive In OOO’s” have the slower, sleepy feel to them, they aren’t without little hooks and subtle upbeat rhythms to maintain the album’s continuity. The tracks “Stepping Out”, “Terrain”, “So Sleep Hollow” and “2” are the more upbeat and catchy tracks on the record with their own tranquil components to them.

My favorite track on the album is the last song “2.” This song is one of the more catchy ones on the record and it is sure to be one that gets stuck in your head.

Click Here to listen to Titanics “2”

The song starts off with a wavy synth chord that quickly cuts into the main riff of the song with no lyrics. A synth-led, SUPER catchy riff that hooks you in immediately. Underneath the synth lead there is a subtle bass part, simple drums and that wavy synth from the intro.

The song then cuts to the first verse, which keeps the wavy synth chord, drums and bass guitar which is now slightly more pronounced and full of intricate fills. The vocals on this track were what really got me to pick this one as my favorite. The singer has some serious talent cutting in and out of falsetto seamlessly. This is also one of the more complex melody lines on the record. The song then opens into the chorus with the lyric, “I held a mirror to my double life.” A fun poppy riff comes in on the left side to compliment the dual vocals harmonies that are going on. The bass line from the intro, synth-lead part also comes in to complement the chorus of the song. After is a post-chorus with a soft minor progression and a brief break with subtle drum hits that bring you right back into the intro of the song. It then has the same verse as the intro with that intricate melody. Titanics then hit you with that pretty chorus again. This time, the post-chorus is extended and incorporates some other bits of melodies with high synth and lower sweeping synth. They also add some interesting noises as well as reverse sounds that are panned playfully between right and left. It cuts back to the chorus and back to the intro, this time, with a simple lead guitar riff that adds a deeper feel to the section. The song then cuts to nearly nothing with only the sweeping synth slowly fading out which makes way for the typewriter. Once the typewriter dings and is reset, the song picks back up with a heavier, bass-lead line with drums and backwards organs. This is then met with a beautiful lead guitar hook and some subtle organs to fade out into the end of the song.

One of the things that took a few listens for me to hear is the amazing bass guitar that is sprinkled thoughout this album. If your looking for an overall fun listening experience with very catchy hooks, fantasic vocals and impressive synth and guitar work, then Titanics-Deeper is a great album for you.


You can find all of their music on their bandcamp here!

Or check out their website here!

You Blew It!

You Blew It! is a emo/rock/mathrock band out of Orlando, Florida. The band is made up of Tanner Jones, Andy Anaya, Trevor O’Hare, Matt Nissley and Andy Vila.

To date they’ve released Grow up, Dude, followed by The Past in Present, and their most recent release Keep Doing What You’re Doing was put out in 2014, as well as a cover EP of songs by Weezer called You Blue It. Most recently they released an incredible 3 song EP called Pioneer of Nothing.

Reasons your ears deserve this:

-Powerful and unique songwriting style

-Awesome live show

-Catchy and unique vocal style/instrumentals

My first experience with this band was back in college at Oneonta, walking around at night to The Past In Present. I discovered the album at the perfect time in my life and it really helped me to get through it. I immediately loved the band from the first song I heard. Hope Its Not A Deposit Bottle! is one one of my favorite songs by this band, I could really relate to the the lyrics and the techincal syncopation between the drums, guitars and bass immediately caught my ear. This one song goes through so many movements in just 4:19 seconds.

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys at Shea Stadium (not the baseball stadium) in Brooklyn, NY last winter. They closed a show with some really impressive other bands (I only remember Prawn playing that show too, sorry). I didn’t know the newest album Keep Doing What You’re Doing very well, but when their set was over I HAD to buy it. Although the singer said he didn’t feel like they should be playing last, they proved that they deserved to. Their set was so powerful and engaging to watch. I would absoutly see these guys every time they’re playing near me.

It was a very close race between Gray Matter and Award Of The Year for my favorite song on this album. I’ve decided to go with Award Of The Year.



This song wastes no time hitting you with a huge full band count in to big open distorted chords while the drums hold down the beat. They then hit you with that big intro again which leads to the first verse. With the three guitars doing totally different things. They all start off playing noodlie parts and once the drummer opens his high hat they seem to come together a bit more and play more bouncy parts that synch with the drums really well. The bass is holding the whole thing together with his 8th note progression which has some really cool fills in it as well.

They then stop everything and hit you with the chorus. Similar to the intro, this part is huge and the drummer plays every hit right with the guitars and bass to make it even more powerful than the intro. The singer’s vocal style really shines on this track. He finds the perfect balance between singing and yelling that make his vocals seem so raw while being refined and hitting every note perfectly. His delivery in the chorus is one to take notes on. His vocals hit right with the hits of the instrumentals and add such an awesome depth to the the chorus.

They then go back to the intro of the song, and go right into the verse again, then right back into that massive chorus. Then everything quiets down and goes into a slow-rising build up that peaks, then the drummer freezes and everyone hits a very well orchistrated line that leads to the break and four hits that everyone in the band scratches together. Then they bring it right back to the chrous and end the song with two huge hits and a fade out.

Overall this album does an amazing job capturing You Blew It!’s intensity and creativeness that I saw on stage last winter. If you enjoy this album you should really check out their older albums too. This band has been evolving with each release and really writing some great music.

You can download/order Keep Doing What You’re Doing here:

You can download/buy all of their other music here:

They’re also all on Spotify!

PS: The split Florida Doesn’t Suck with Fake Problems is REALLY cool. Check it out!


Edelweiss is a self described Wunder rock band out of Stroudsburg, PA. They are made up of Niko Porlier (20) on vocals/guitar, Tony Young (18) on guitar, Shane Cashman (18) on the drums and Thomas Vitale (19) on bass/vocals. They have released two EP’s to date, Pre-Columbians which was self-released in 2011 and their sophmore self-release, Honduras in August of 2013.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve This

-Captivating and up-beat songwriting

-Ideal balance between spacy and mathy

-Precise and calculated instrumentals that lock together very well

The Honduras EP is a collection of very intricately laid out and progressive songs that really show you what this young group of musicians are made of. The opening track Grand gripped me from the first listen. The sophisticated layering of tapping guitar accompanied by synth, bass and drums are thrown at you in the first quick 2 minutes and 52 seconds of the first track. Grand is a strong indication of the talent of each member and their songwriting ability that is to come throughout the rest of the EP. Their use of auto-tuning as well as reverb and delay on the minimal vocals gives the album a spacy vibe that compliments the tight and intricate instrumentals. Their use of heavily distorted guitars/drums/bass and synth in certain parts make their use of the higher-pitched xylophones and lead guitar cut through to give the whole EP even more depth.

Although it was a hard choice, I’ve decided that my favorite song on the Honduras EP is Withering Heights. The song starts off right away with a very wide open progression. The the drums and bass keep the part pushing along as the delayed guitars play spacy and delayed tapping parts over the underlying rhythm guitar lead. There is also a fairly quiet organ/synth part underneath the second time through the intro that really makes the intro seem like its floating. The song then cuts to an intense bridge with the guitars, bass and drums leading the way into the first verse and pre-chorus. Everything then cuts out to introduce the vocals and pretty tapping parts of the pre-chrous. The high-hat opens up as the guitars play riffs that are jumpy and almost robotic. It works so well with the rest of the instrumentals to create a really interesting chorus. The whole song then drops out again for a measure, that allows the lead guitar to show us another awesome riff over a similar drum and bass part to the first verse of the song. They then get into a break that has every instrument accent the same notes while the bassist gets a small solo in between. It then cuts right back into the intense bridge from the beginning into a build-up that brings you to the fast-paced, intricate instrumental and extended verse that leads you right back into the chorus. This then takes you seamlessly right back into the intro of the song.

Edelweiss has a way of throwing a ton of parts at you while still maintaining great song structure that you can really grasp. Their combination of complexity, clarity and thoughtful songwriting makes this band one that you can really latch on to. I can’t wait to hear what these young dudes are going to come out with next.

You can download all of Edelweiss’s music below and name your own price:

or check them out on facebook


Comfort Songs

Cloud is the solo project of Tyler Taomina from Long Island, NY. This guy is all around one of the most talent and unique musicians I have the pleasure of knowing. When he’s not playing in Adam & Naïve, Primacy Effect or Fjords, he takes the time to write his own solo albums. With a big handful of friends and fellow musicians’ help he’s released three full-length albums to date, Elephant Era (2010), Rocket (2011) and his newest record Comfort Songs (2012).

 Reasons Your Ears Deserve This:

-Really dynamic album, many different feeling songs that still deserve the title “Comfort Songs

-Multi-layered instrumentals that form such a pretty and cohesive sound.

-Perfect vocals and lyrics that really hit home

The way Comfort Songs is put together and ordered you would think he wrote it in one sitting. This album from front to back is perfectly cohesive. There isn’t one song on here you could pick out that doesn’t belong. His uses group vocals, female vocals and harmonies when appropriate in many of the songs on the album. You can feel some subtle Beach Boys and Animal Collective influence on Tyler’s songwriting and vocal style, which drew me to it immediately.

After a lot of thought and listens I’ve decided my favorite song on this album is Blurry & Bright. This song starts with a simple beat that is quickly accompanied with bass and guitar playing fairly simple riffs, shortly after, a heavily delayed piano (I think) and shakers come in and really rounds out the intro of this song. The song then flows into the first verse, the delayed piano cuts out for the gentle vocal melody. Tyler uses a lot of doubled vocals that add spaciness to the album that fits really well, especially on this track. I really dig the vocal melody of this whole track. Then the full intro comes back in to welcome the chorus of the song with some added subtle guitar, horn and synth parts added in the background layers of the song. The verse then happens in a similar way as the first one and back into the beautiful chorus again. The song then has a soft buildup with the swooping guitar, piano and vocals leading the build. He then pushes you right back into the chorus into the, “It’s so easy when it’s easy” repeating lyric which is my favorite part of the song because of the layers and layers of vocals and backing vocals which leads to the end of the song.


Cloud is one of those projects that you can always throw on and enjoy no matter the season or your mood. Tyler really writes some amazing full-length albums that are great for walking around or biking or really anything. I highly recommend that you check out Elephant Era and Rocket if you like this album, they’re both great.

You can download all of the albums by Cloud on: for free or name your own price



Give them a listen,  your ears will appreciate it!


Black Dirty

Dirty Water EP

Black Dirty is an indy math-rock band from Mount Laural, NJ. The band is made up of Tyler Brooks on guitar and vocals, Brandon Cohill on guitar, Steve Camisi on bass and Jer Gambino on the drums. So far they have released one EP, titled “Dirty Water.”

Reasons Your Ears Deserve This:

-Complex and intricate guitar and bass parts that interlink really well

-Drummer is incredible and has a very unique style

-Clean and perfect recordings

-Singer has exactly the voice this band needs. Clean, great range and placed right where there should be vocals on every track. He lets the music speak for itself a lot of the time.


My favorite track on the record is “Top Gun.” The way this song is laid out is not only clever; it maintains such a consistent flow throughout the whole song. These guitarists could not be more in tune with each other; they make each part so complex and pretty while sticking together to compliment each other’s riffs. They go from twinkly and pretty, to fast paced and slightly heavy, and back again. The bass in this song hits all the right notes at the right time to accent the bass drum kicks while throwing a lot of really complicated and interesting bass fills in throughout the whole song. The subtle transitions as well as the drums in this song fit perfectly. It almost seems like the drummer translates what each other member of the band is doing seamlessly into drum parts and fills. The vocals are the real kicker, the backing vocals in the chorus leading into the singer saying  “In my head!” as well as the higher vocal melody fit so well together. All of these things make this song my favorite on the EP, it was a very hard choice considering I love every song on here.



This EP is so pretty, heavy at times, and just the right amount of mathy that even non-math-rock fans could get into this band. They pack so many parts and so much thought into this short 16 minute EP.


You can download their EP here:


Support these guys! They’re writing some really cool stuff!


Brothertiger is the name of John Jagos solo recorded soft-pop-synth style music. He’s from Toledo, OH but currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. His music has a strong influence of disco and funk and 80’s style synth-pop. Within the past 6 months he began performing live with a full band. Adding drums, guitar and bass to his already thick blend of layers and layers of synth instruments and keyboards.

Reason’s Your Ears Deserve This:

-His music is only getting better.

-Mixes funk, pop-synth and disco in an awesome way.

-The best live show I’ve seen in a while.

The first time I saw him was in Toronto, Canada at North By North East in 2011. He played by himself with a synthesizer, keyboard and a laptop (If I remember right). He opened for the band A Lull at a small venue/restaurant/bar for a relatively small crowd of people. Recently I saw him play another bar/restaurant/venue called Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. I told him how I saw him in Toronto and he was blown away because there was hardly anyone at that show. He was very humble and grateful for my support.

The band “Safe” opened with a short set of simple beats and solid vocals. Followed by Psychic Twin, a phenomenally entertaining, super catchy blend of synth-pop and rock with dual female vocals. (Going to have to do a separate review of them because they were great.)

When Brothertiger came on I had no idea he had started playing with a full band and it was an AWESOME surprise. The bassist was unreal and so into the music, as were the drummer and guitarist. John Jagos put on an amazing show as the front man with his synth leads and spot-on vocals to hold it all together.

I initially was going to do an album review but couldn’t decide which because they’re all so good. So I’m going to talk about the most recent song that I’ve heard of his. Chains.

The song starts off with a pretty simple three-note progression that moves from ear to ear, slowly another layer of synth-organ comes in to change the intro progression to a more complex version of itself. Then he hits you with a drum fill that seems like it comes out of nowhere to bring the song from triplets into straight 4/4 time. The fill brings you to one of the grooviest beats Brothertiger has ever made followed by a higher pitch series of notes while the organ part from the beginning plays underneath.  The synth lead then drops out and the vocals come in. The vocals are fantastic in this song because they go perfectly with the very low-key and chill progression of the song. The melody isn’t overly complicated which allows you to focus on the music more while still remaining catchy. Once he says, “And it’s true” the synth lead comes back in with reverb-heavy backing vocals to make the pre-chorus even thicker and deeper. The chorus of this song is one that is sure to get stuck in your head. The lyrics, melody and added subtle guitar riff in the background make this chorus really great. Once the chorus is over, another really soulful guitar riff comes in to exaggerate a lot of the notes from the backing guitar during the chorus. The song then goes back to the first verse with a very similar progression to the beginning of the song. Once they get back to the chorus again it starts off the same as the first one, then they hit you with it again with more backing vocals that create a sweeping layer that make it seem like a whole new part. They then layer the backing vocals with that soulful riff which brings you back to the intro of the song and its over.

I highly recommend every one of Brothertiger’s albums. Especially the album “Golden Years” which I have been obsessed with since I downloaded it a few months ago.

You can listen to all of his albums on Spotify for free.

OR you can be a good person and download most of them and listen to them on his Bandcamp:

They’re also currently on TOUR:


Winter is a great blend of shoegaze and 80s pop. They’re composed of Samira Winter, Nolan Eley, Ana Karina DaCosta and Kyle Oppenheimer out of Boston, MA. They started in 2012 with the combined effort of Samira Winter and Nolan Eley. They later added Dacosta and Oppenheimer after the release of their 4-track EP “Daydreaming.”

 Reasons your ears deserve this:  

-Cute female vocals that will melt you.  

-Hooks and melodies that make you want to put this EP on repeat.

I discovered this band on a website made by a bunch of friends of mine in Adam & Naive, (as well as several other awesome bands) at Practice Room Records. I downloaded it along with several other albums on the website. I listened to this one randomly at work and thought it was fantastic. After researching the band I found that they are in the process of releasing a new album which is AWESOME news. They have also posted two new songs “Alligator” and “The View” as well as a music video on their website below.


Daydreaming is a really fun and bouncy EP, the title track “Daydreaming” is a great opener to give you a feel of what this band is all about. Throughout the album they use a lot of bells and synthesizers that accentuate the vocal melody of the songs. You get a real feel of the bands style in the song “Nothing.” You can hear the heavy shoegaze influence in the swooping and spiraling guitar riffs as well as that 80s style in the synthesizer lead that keeps the song poppy while maintaing an endearing and slow-paced feel.

The one song that stands out on the album as my favorite is “Bedroom Philosophies.” The song starts with a bass and drum part and subtle guitar part with a simple, playful vocal lead. It then jumps into a steady progression that sets up a small build up then right into the chorus. The chorus of this song is absolutely my favorite on the EP. The vocal melody as well as the backing synthesizer part really enforce the feel-good bounciness that encompasses this whole song. The song then cuts back to the pre-chorus quickly, then hits you once again with that perfect buildup into that perfect chorus. Then it heads into a more spacey version of the pre-chorus that takes you back into the intro of the song.

Although it’s short, this EP has me very excited for this bands next release. I’m sure it won’t disappoint. You can listen to/download this EP and their two newer songs on these sites. Enjoy!