The Front Doors

The Front Doors – BIG TIME

Yes you are reading this correctly, they’ve come out with another record just 7 months after their last one!


For those who didn’t see the first review, The Front Doors are a fuzz-pop/rock & roll band out of Long Island/Queens made up of Steven Joyce on bass/guitar/vocals, William Hargrove on drums and Michael LoSchiavo on bass/guitar/vocals. To date they have two full lengths, Open which was released in January, 2016 and their newest record BIG TIME which was released in August of 2016.

Reasons your ears deserve this:

-Consistent writing, you always have something new to look forward to

-Fun, upbeat rock n’ roll with catchy hooks and tasteful instrumentals

My favorite track on the record is Up The Wall.

You can listen here.

Up The Wall is my favorite track on the record for a lot of reasons, and I’ll explain them! The song starts off with a simple drum beat and chord progression which is then accompanied by Mike’s vocals. They throw in a little spice with a drum fill and break that gives the verse some subtle depth. This song has the most catchy chorus of any The Front Doors song(in my opinion.) “I don’t really want to dance with you, but I really really don’t want you dancing with him.” The descending chords that sync perfectly with “dancing with him” make this hook that much catchier. Add in some well-placed vocal harmonies and you have a song that is sure to get stuck in your head.

The Front Doors have such a good formula for writing catchy, engaging and alluring songs that are short and sweet and leave you wanting more. Each track on BIG TIME has it’s own little flare of creativity and catchiness that makes the record so great.

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Alone at Home

Alone at Home – Anachrony in Everything


Alone At Home is the name Andrew Adams’ lo-fi bedroom pop/indie rock out of Lansing, Michigan. Using a landscape of analog recording processes, Alone at Home has made an endearing EP titled Anachrony in Everything which was released in November of 2015. To date, he has one other 3 song self-titled EP which came out in March of 2014.

Reasons Your Ears Deserve This:

-Pleasant, beautiful songwriting that you can listen to on repeat

-Great progression from start to finish, doesn’t disappoint

-Subtle intricacies of the many layers of real and programmed instruments mix very well

My favorite track on this record is In The Meantime.

You can listen here!

In The Meantime is (in my opinion) the grooviest song on this record. It starts off with a super smooth and catchy guitar riff followed by simple, bass-heavy drums that immediately set the pace and feel of the song. I can’t help but think about driving around, windows down, blasting this song while getting lost a winding road somewhere. The keyboards and quiet vocals add great depth to this song while maintaining the groovy feel. Perhaps my favorite part of the song is at 1:30 in when the distorted guitar solo starts, it is short-lived but it adds so much to the progression of the song before it gets right back to the chorus. Just like the EP itself, In The Meantime is so easy to listen to over and over again.

Anachrony in Everything makes you appreciate the subtleties of recording on your own with (relatively) old techniques. It gives your ears a break from the over-produced music we hear every day and shows you that you can create awesome music without an insane studio.

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