You Blew it!

You Blew It!

You Blew It! is a emo/rock/mathrock band out of Orlando, Florida. The band is made up of Tanner Jones, Andy Anaya, Trevor O’Hare, Matt Nissley and Andy Vila.

To date they’ve released Grow up, Dude, followed by The Past in Present, and their most recent release Keep Doing What You’re Doing was put out in 2014, as well as a cover EP of songs by Weezer called You Blue It. Most recently they released an incredible 3 song EP called Pioneer of Nothing.

Reasons your ears deserve this:

-Powerful and unique songwriting style

-Awesome live show

-Catchy and unique vocal style/instrumentals

My first experience with this band was back in college at Oneonta, walking around at night to The Past In Present. I discovered the album at the perfect time in my life and it really helped me to get through it. I immediately loved the band from the first song I heard. Hope Its Not A Deposit Bottle! is one one of my favorite songs by this band, I could really relate to the the lyrics and the techincal syncopation between the drums, guitars and bass immediately caught my ear. This one song goes through so many movements in just 4:19 seconds.

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys at Shea Stadium (not the baseball stadium) in Brooklyn, NY last winter. They closed a show with some really impressive other bands (I only remember Prawn playing that show too, sorry). I didn’t know the newest album Keep Doing What You’re Doing very well, but when their set was over I HAD to buy it. Although the singer said he didn’t feel like they should be playing last, they proved that they deserved to. Their set was so powerful and engaging to watch. I would absoutly see these guys every time they’re playing near me.

It was a very close race between Gray Matter and Award Of The Year for my favorite song on this album. I’ve decided to go with Award Of The Year.



This song wastes no time hitting you with a huge full band count in to big open distorted chords while the drums hold down the beat. They then hit you with that big intro again which leads to the first verse. With the three guitars doing totally different things. They all start off playing noodlie parts and once the drummer opens his high hat they seem to come together a bit more and play more bouncy parts that synch with the drums really well. The bass is holding the whole thing together with his 8th note progression which has some really cool fills in it as well.

They then stop everything and hit you with the chorus. Similar to the intro, this part is huge and the drummer plays every hit right with the guitars and bass to make it even more powerful than the intro. The singer’s vocal style really shines on this track. He finds the perfect balance between singing and yelling that make his vocals seem so raw while being refined and hitting every note perfectly. His delivery in the chorus is one to take notes on. His vocals hit right with the hits of the instrumentals and add such an awesome depth to the the chorus.

They then go back to the intro of the song, and go right into the verse again, then right back into that massive chorus. Then everything quiets down and goes into a slow-rising build up that peaks, then the drummer freezes and everyone hits a very well orchistrated line that leads to the break and four hits that everyone in the band scratches together. Then they bring it right back to the chrous and end the song with two huge hits and a fade out.

Overall this album does an amazing job capturing You Blew It!’s intensity and creativeness that I saw on stage last winter. If you enjoy this album you should really check out their older albums too. This band has been evolving with each release and really writing some great music.

You can download/order Keep Doing What You’re Doing here:

You can download/buy all of their other music here:

They’re also all on Spotify!

PS: The split Florida Doesn’t Suck with Fake Problems is REALLY cool. Check it out!